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Frequently Asked Question And Terms

  • What is SasteSaude Community?
    SasteSaude Community is an online platform for its users where any user can a post a deal and earn points. 1 point = 1 Rupee. Users can also find great deals from other users, and can save huge amount of money. So if any user posts a deal or sees a deal, he/she is always benefited.
    Out motto is: Keep Posting, Keep Earning and Keep Redeeming Points!
  • What are SasteSaude Points?
    Everytime any user posts a deal, our team of administrators gives them point (1 point = 1 Rupee) for every unique deal ranging from 1 point to 30 points based on the feature richness and worth of their deal. All the points gets accumulated in their account and whenever they want to redeem it, just give a redeemption request and their points will be redeemed in the form of Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik, ICICI Pockets, Payumoney, Oxigen and 10+ other options.
  • What is a Deal or Coupon?
    Deal - A deal is nothing but just a way through which any user can buy it at the most competitive pricing at a particular time. eg - You want to buy a Mobile Phone, you searched online, and you find some shopping site is offering it at a rate lower than all other shopping sites and even lower than offline market. Bingo! It's a deal.
    Coupon - A coupon is synonymous with deal. A coupon is a code which when entered while buying, results in some additional offer like price reduction, free shipping etc.
  • How much points should I earn to redeem points?
    Simple and short, only 1 ! Yes you can redeem even 1 Rupee. There is no min. threshold. There is no min. limit. It's that simple and trustworthy. You can even test us by earning 1 point and redeeming it before posting more deals.
  • Are there fix points for posting a deal?
    There are no fix reward points for a deal. A member can get points varying from 1 to 30 based on certain parameters decided by our admin team like complete detail about deal, images, relevant links, shipping details, additional offers, coupon code, prices, price comparison how attractive deal has been made etc.
  • How to redeem points?
    Just click the Redeem Points button and redemption request will reach us. Visit your profile page
  • Is there any concept for `First Page Deals` (FPDs)? Do SasteSaude gives more points for FPDs?
    We do not discriminate between deals. All deals at SasteSaude are quality deals and we give them points accordingly. There is no such concept of FPDs. We do not make big gap between points given to deal and points given to so called FPDs. Although we can post community deals to our main page.
  • Are there any extra terms or conditions?
    There are no hidden/extra terms or conditions. We do only genuine work with honesty and trust. We request you please trust us, if you got points they are only yours and will get redeemed whenever you want.
  • On which or using which device can I post a deal?
    We have created our website all devices friendly. So you can create, search, browse any deal using Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or PC. You can even make deals and earn money while sitting (or even standing :)) in metro, waiting at some place on the go.
  • On which deals will I earn points?
    If you are posting any unique deal, you will definitely get points. There's no confusion. Unique deal means it should not be posted previously by some other user, it should not contain links to other 3rd party sites, like other deals & coupons site, it should not contain any shortened links, it should not contain any referral links etc.
  • What are Repost Deals? Do you give points on Repost Deals
    The deals which are already been made by SasteSaude Team or its user are repost deals. No points will be given to repost deals as it is just duplicating process.
  • How to know if a deal has already been made?
    Watch this simple video uploaded by us - How to Check if Deal Already Made at While making any deal, after entering title, you can click `Show Similar` button aside Deal Title box, it will show you similar deals that has already made by SasteSaude community or by SasteSaude Team, based on that title.
    Also you can search in our site and you can browse SasteSaude Community Deals
  • What are don'ts while posting a deal?
    Don't provide any link to/from other deals or related websites. Provide links from only shopping or service websites. Provide final links only. Don't provide links from any 3rd party/partner website like URL redirected links. No referral and shortened links are allowed.
  • How to increase my possibility to earn more & more points for my deal?
    While posting deal, always specify all deal details, add images, provide relevant links, specify shipping, old price, new price, discount, price on other sites including shipping, additional offers like bank offers, card offers, coupon code etc.
  • What is voting in deals and how does it works?
    You can vote up or vote down any deal but you can't give voting to your own deal. Voting also affects the points the deal creator gets. Also you need to be logged in for voting.
  • Can I redeem points for hard cash?
    You can redeem points in Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik and 10+ other options and you can use that cash wherever you want. But there is currently no provision for hard cash.
  • What are the different status for a deal?
    Under Review Deal - If you are new user, every deal you make gets moderated before its available for all. Our admin team moderates all the Under Review deals.
    Active Deal - After the deal gets moderated, it becomes active i.e. gets available for all. Also, as we trust a user, we make the user approved so all their deals gets approved automatically.
    Expired - Admin can give Expired status to deal, if the deal is expired.
    Repost - Admin can give Repost status to deal, if the deal has been posted by someone else previously without being expired in recent time.
  • I submitted a deal, but points are not increasing. What should I do?
    Points are given to deals after they are reviewed by our team. If a deal is reviewed and points has been given, you will see `Points Earned: points` in your deal after voting icons, otherwise if deal is not reviewed for points, you will see `Under Review For Points`
  • Are there any negative points?
    No, but we can block a user if found guilty.
  • Can I change my account setting?
    You can change only your password. Email id and username are permanent.
  • How can I see all deals posted by me?
    Visit profile and click the My Deals button.
  • Last decision will be of SasteSaude Team only and it can not be challenged in any way.
  • If needed, can change any rule without any prior notice.
  • If you have any doubt, ask us at [email protected]