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List of 35+ Free Udemy Courses - 23th June

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23-Jun-22 06 PM Sold by:
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Many of these will expire quickly so get it fast. 1000 redemption per code. I have created group. Feel free to join.
πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Join Group: Copywriting & Content Marketing Course: Be a Pro Copywriter Code=WATERTIGER9

[4.5] [6h 23m] Best of Copywriting & SEO: Content, Copywriting & SEO Course Code=WATERTIGER8

[4.3] [2h 2m] JavaScript – Creating Quiz Hands on Complete Course Code=FREEBEST7

[New] [37h 26m] Live Project in C# Net Core & Windows Forms by SQL Database Code=FEB-5D-OFF22

[3.7] [2h 6m] Python Scripting Complete Course

[3.6] [1h 11m] JavaScript – Creating Loan EMI Calculator Code=FREEBEST4

[4.0] [13h 17m] Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads 2022: Overcome Apple Apocalypto Code=WATERTIGER8

[4.2] [9h 49m] Facebook Page & Facebook Ads Made as Fun: 11 Days Challenge Code=WATERTIGER5

[4.4] [3h 46m] Data Manipulation in Python: Master Python, Numpy & Pandas Code=7F2E4B8C727C612394FC

[4.2] [2h 15m ] The Complete NFT Course: Become an NFT Creator & Investor Code=BBF91ADEF61EA9B3A101

[4.2] [31h 31m] SEO Training 2022: Complete SEO Course & WordPress SEO Yoast Code=WATERTIGER10

[Bestseller] [ 5h 36m] Minimalist Lifestyle – Complete Course – Decluttering Life Code=4826E7A3CB88F433D0F1

[4.7] [42m] Teacher Training – How to Teach Online – Remote Teaching 1Hr Code=F1DE441A2B84862166B4

[4.4] [52m] Data Analytics with Excel PivotTables Code=494E35EE51A8A4B80601

[4.4] [2h 53m] Microsoft Power BI DAX from Scratch

[Highest rated] [2h 7m] Software Career Bootcamp: From intern to CXO Code=A10453C2BAA01C871FB7

[4.1] [2h 27m] 10x your Productivity with Time Management Code=E6A85E88538DC1737219

[New] [29m] Kick Out Depression -Complete Treatment 2022 Code=44D034DDD6FFE6F0997A

[Hot & new] [3h 4m] Global Logistics in Supply Chain Management & Urban Planning Code=4813B3BC7945CA993DBB

[New] [3h 16m] Object-Oriented Programming with Python: Code Faster in 2022 Code=9CE4E63BF76B95106911

[4.3] [2h 27m] File & Folder Management Using PowerShell Code=LEARNERS3

[4.2] [58m] PowerShell Functions Master Class

[New] [1h 17m] Happy parents happy kids parenting course Code=JUNE2022

[New] [1h 13m] Automate infrastructure in AWS CDK – Building application Code=CAF1653257E8028C01BE

[4.1] [53m] Web Analytics with Similarweb: from Basic to PRO! Code=WEBANALYTICS2306

[4.4] [1h 41m] Content Marketing 2022. Content that Sells! Code=CONTENT2306

[New] [1h 40m] Grow your business with Chatbot Marketing! Code=CHATBOT2306

[Highest rated] [63h 57m] QuickBooks Online vs Xero Accounting Software Code=254B575B3D9EF6718166

[4.5] [8h 5m] Aerospace Masterclass: Transonic Aerodynamics Code=YANEV_FREE7

[4.0] [1h 4m] Podcast With NLP for High Audience Growth Code=PWNLPHAGEXPJUN272022

[4.5] [2h 32m] Podcast Coach: Podcasting Profits

[4.3] [1h 15m] Podcast with Passion and Inspiration

[3.7] [42m] Quit your smartphone addiction with(in) 30 days challenges Code=SUMMER

[4.4] [1h 28m] Bachelor Exam Code=SUMMER

[Bestseller] [2h 8m] On-Camera Charisma for YouTube Stars – YouTube Marketing Code=5DAA9B301FE4E9D30E81

[4.7] [14h 28m] The Complete Freelancing Course-Upwork Fiverr Home Business Code=THANKS071

[Amazon US/UK] Python (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)

[Amazon US/UK] Start-up Growth Strategy (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)

[Amazon US/UK] JavaScript (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)

[Amazon US/UK] Data Science Interview (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)

[Amazon US/UK] Excel Functions (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)

[Amazon US/UK] Essential – 5 Free eBooks

Popular andΒ Best Selling Discounted Courses

[4.7] [31h 11m] TJ Walkers 1-Hour Public Speaking Presentation Skills Class $9.99 Code=THANSK071

[4.5] [35h 53m] The Complete English Grammar Course – Perfect Your English $9.99 Code=THANKS071

[Highest rated] [17h 33m] The Complete Talking Head Video Production Masterclass $9.99 Code=THANKS071

[Bestseller] [85h 42m] Digital Marketing Course 2022: Be a Digital Marketing Nomad $9.99 Code=ULTIMATEJUNE110

[Bestseller] [84h 7m] Best of Digital Marketing: #1 Digital Marketing Course 2022 $9.99 Code=ULTIMATEJUNE110

[Bestseller] [22h 0m] Data Analysis with Pandas and Python $9.99 Code=JUNESAVINGS

[4.6] [58h 3m] Learn to Code with Python $9.99 Code=JUNESAVINGS

[Bestseller] [31h 26m] Learn to Code with Ruby $9.99 Code=JUNESAVINGS

[4.7] [17h 58m] Excel VBA Programming – The Complete Guide $9.99 Code=JUNESAVINGS

[Bestseller] [7h 31m] Testing Ruby with RSpec: The Complete Guide $9.99 Code=JUNESAVINGS

[4.8] [55h 53m] Vue Masterclass $9.99 Code=JUNESAVINGS

[3.8] [18h 40m ] Big Data Complete Course $9.99 Code=BIG-DAT1

[3.9] [30h 5m] Inventory Control and Inventory Management Complete Course $9.99 Code=INVENTORY1

[4.0] [12h 36m] C Intermediate to Advanced Course with Project $9.99 Code=CPRO11

[4.0] [14h 26m] Python Hacking Complete Beginner to Advanced Course $9.99 Code=PYHACK11

[4.6] [31h 2m] Workplace Communication: Effectively Deliver Criticism $9.99 Code=THANKS070

[4.5] [56m] Communication Skills: Use a Teleprompter Effectively $9.99 Code=THANKS070

[4.3] [29h 34m] Facilitation: You Can Be a Facilitator $9.99 Code=THANKS070

[Bestseller] [23h 55m] The Complete NFT Web Development Course – Zero To Expert $9.99 Code=THANKS091

[4.7] [6h 25m] The Complete B2B Sales Course: Lead Generation to Closing $9.99 Code=THANKS071

[4.6] [15h 32m] The Complete Writing Course: Develop True Writing Mastery $9.99 Code=THANKS071

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